Can't seem to get your instagram feed looking quite right?

Unsure how to reach your target market and get orders coming in?

Want some help on defining your brand and improving your photos?


Let Ruby help you...


Brand new and exclusive Creative Business Mentoring Sessions for women, with Ruby McGrath.


As one of the UK's leading knitwear designers, the owner of the most recognised brand in UK crochet, Frank&Olive, and the host and creator of The Crochet Retreat, Ruby wants to help you get to where you want to be and get a better understanding of how to present your brand for maximum impact.


Sharing her story and the experiences that got her to where she is today, her secrets on how to make it within the creative industry, all of her mistakes (to save you from making them yourself) and, above all, her passion for her work, is the ticket to success you've been waiting for.


After recently having her retreat named as one of the top creative retreats in the world, the 29 year old, self-made business owner and mum of two wants to help YOU achieve your goals and find out what it is to truly love what you do. 


A little hello from Ruby...


"Hey! Helping others helps my mental health and general wellbeing so much, so to share my passion and motivate people doing what they love is just a dream come true for me. So many people just lack the self belief and confidence to really go for it, but that’s ok because my favourite thing is to build people up and realise their true potential and worth! I got you sista! 


This isn’t about making money for me, it’s absolutely a self care venture, which means it won’t cost an arm and a leg. It’s important to me that I can help people who need it most, and they’re often the ones who can’t just casually flash the cash. I was where you are once, and I could never have imagined being able to pay thousands for help. 


There will be an initial ‘get to know you’ meet up - you can come to me in York, I can travel to you (if you’re able to cover travel costs) OR we can do FaceTime/Skype if you’re too far away to meet in person. 


First up, there is an affordable one-hour session, at just £80, where you can tell me all about you, what you’ve done so far, where you want to be and what specifically what you would like a helping hand with. After our chat, I will go away, take a look at your online presence, your branding and your product, then create a tailor-made-to-you action plan with ideas for us to discuss further about the aspects I can help with. 


There’s no obligation of course, but if you’d like to team up and kick this whole ‘running a creative business’ thing’s butt, then we can talk about booking in some further sessions to delve into the juicy bits!


Here are the prices:


These sessions will be 2 hours long and you can either pay as you go, at £80 per hour, or take advantage of the block-booking discount, for when we really wanna get stuck in, at £50 per hour when booking two or more sessions at once. But either way, the main thing is that it is affordable. EVERYBODY needs a mentor, whether they're just starting out or are super successful with a million years of experience under their belt, so it's just deciding whether this whole 'running your own biz' is something you're willing to invest in. You'll soon see the rewards once you make that leap.


Some of the things I can help with are:

- Branding

- Logos/graphic design & website design/building 

- instagram & FB: aesthetic, content, hashtags

- photography and editing

- marketing and promotions 

- portraying your personality through all means of communication

- sales (selling yourself AS WELL AS your products) 

- Quick, small-scale money making ideas for when things are really tight

- how to sell yourself successfully

- who to pitch to and choosing suppliers

- pricing and defining your product range 

- prioritising aspects of the business and realistic targets

- Ways to cope with the bad days and stop getting over-worked. Self care is SO important 

- motivation, self confidence and finding where your passion lies so you can utilise it! 


I’d be over the moon to learn about you, your passion and your goals, and even more so to work with you and help you get to where you want to be. You deserve to believe in yourself and to be successful, girl!


Much love, 

Ruby x"


Here are just a few testimonials...


"I would encourage anyone who needs advice on getting started to speak to Ruby! She is friendly, funny and motivated! If anyone knows their shiz it’s this girl!!" Jade Bryant.


"You’ve got so much to offer!" Planet Penny.


"I totally admire the work you’ve done and LOVE your aesthetic!" Bijou And Birdie.


"You're a true inspriation." Katie Cartledge.




Creative Business Mentoring